Now Available: Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage is a wonderful blend of assisted yoga stretches and massage!  I completed Level 1 Lotus Palm training in early March 2013, and level 2 through Hadadi Thai Massage in October 2017.  I am now offering Thai Yoga Massage for booking online or by calling or emailing.  I am so excited to bring this relaxing, yet energizing treatment option to Bellelune Massage + Yoga!

Thai Yoga Massage is an experience of assisted yoga postures with palming and thumbing along energy lines, called “sen lines” in Thai medicine. It combines the best of yoga and massage: you wear comfy clothing, rest on a padded mat on the floor and get to be mostly passive while being stretched out! How easy is that?! Thai massage reduces stress, eases discomfort, and creates profound feelings of relaxation.

For an idea of what Thai massage looks like, please see the video below.  Please keep in mind, however, the model in the video is very flexible and the practitioner in the video moves much more quickly for demonstration purposes.  The Thai yoga massage treatment that I do is slower and less extreme!