candlelight yoga

Feeling tight in your hips? Join Rebecca for a slow, mindful, flowing vinyasa practice by candlelight that will begin by creating heat and mobility in the joints and end with the long deep hip openers to release tension carried in your hips.

Hip opening poses are very beneficial to your yoga practice, especially if you sit at a desk or in your car for long periods of time.  In our society, we sit for most of our daily activities (working, eating, driving).  Long hours of sitting cause the hip flexors to shorten, thus limiting our flexibility and often creating problems in the lower back and knees.

When the hips become more flexible and open, the lower back becomes stable and strong.  Experience greater freedom of movement with this candlelight hip opening class!


DATES for Fall 2016 TBD

Candlelight Heart Openers ~

DATES for Fall 2016 TBD : 615-745 PM ~ $16 or 4 credits on your pass


Join Rebecca for a slow, mindful yoga practice by candlelight that will open the heart center both physically and energetically. We often develop tension around the rib cage, shoulders, neck, and back from hours spent at the computer or time spent in the cold weather with shoulders up to the ears in protective mode. As we begin to loosen and unlock tightness around the heart and spine in the physical body, we begin to make space for compassion and love to flow freely. This class is appropriate for all levels of students and will include postures to open the heart center, and expansive breathing practices intended to release anything that blocks you from pure connection with your heart. We will conclude with a long savasana and metta meditation. Come practice by candle light and let your heart light shine!


Partner Thai Yoga Massage ~

 DATE for Feb 2017 TBD: 2-430 PM ~ $65 per pair


Join us for an afternoon of learning the art of touch. This couples/partner massage class is based on simple, easy-to-learn Swedish and Thai massage techniques and is designed to help you and your partner share the nurturing, relaxing, therapeutic benefits of massage with each other. There will be time for each partner to receive a full hour of relaxing treatment! This class is appropriate for couples, friends, or individuals. Please wear comfortable clothing that allows some movement. Short sleeves and shorts/pants are best. You will be clothed throughout the workshop.